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Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously | SociaViral

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

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There is a way that you can watch instagram stories anonymously if you would like to do so without letting the instagram user know that you are watching them.

There are actually 3 ways for doing this and it all depends on how much money that you are willing to spend.

The 1st one, which is free, involves downloading an instagram story viewer app but the problem with this is that these apps have not been proven safe and could contain malware or viruses. You also need a strong WiFi connection when using these apps because if your internet connection is too slow then the videos will take too long to load and in return the instagram user will find out what you're up to because they'll get notified of someone watching their instagram story (I'm talking third party apps here).

The instagram user can also check from their instagram followers if someone has viewed their instagram story. This is an advantage for them because you won't be able to watch instagram stories anonymously in this way. And the last one, which I will talk about later on, is going on a website such as and watching instagram stories there that way.

In other words the 2nd method is not anonymous enough and not safe either so I'll skip that one for now but first let's move on to the 3rd option of being able to watch instagram stories anonymously online which involves using instaStoryCenter. I don't know what it's like doing it this way but from what I know is a website that has a lot of instagram stories on it and you can watch instagram story anonymously here, then, watch instagram stories without them knowing but in the end it's up to you if you want to do it or not.

Now let's go back to talking about free instagram viewers which are not very safe for your computer at all. To start off is the 1st one and there is another one called so be sure to keep those ones as last resorts because they're probably the most unsafe apps ever when it comes to viewing instagram videos without letting the user know who you are as stated before as well are not safe but is a bit better than because the people behind might just hack your data and steal your information without your permission so be careful! I wouldn't recommend downloading either one of these apps unless you want to lose everything you've got on instagram, facebook and all that other stuff, don't do it okay?

As mentioned before there is also another instagram story viewer app called InstaStoryViewer which looks very promising and from what I can see it's something like only way less annoying if you find way too annoying and that's because has a lot less ads on it, which is why is so annoying in the first place. But anyway instaStoryViewer also doesn't seem to be very safe for your device because they have not been tested, plus might just hijack instagram story viewers app with malware or viruses so don't do it unless you're willing to risk it all and lose everything you've got either way happy watching instagram stories anonymously!

In closing I would just like to say that and instaviewerss. are both not safe and is also not free and both have the same problem in which instagram stories can easily figure out who's watching their story and even might just hijack instaStoryViewer with malware or viruses so feel free to try it at your own risk but is a bit better than, you'll see why once you get on anyway that's pretty much it for today's blog post I hope you've enjoyed this one please leave some love down below by liking and/or commenting on this article thank you!

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