How to Buy Instagram Followers – the 11 best sites buy instagram followers 2021

How to Buy Instagram Followers – the 11 best sites buy instagram followers 2021

How to Buy Instagram Followers

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Read this first before purchasing Instagram followers... I'm sure you've heard all of the statistics and data. When it comes to user engagement and brand ROI, Instagram is crushing it on multiple levels.

It's also a popular medium among influencers, with much better interaction rates than other social media networks. Is it too late to establish a name for yourself on Instagram?

What are the best ways to become noticed on Instagram, and should you buy Instagram followers to jumpstart your growth?

Let's take a look at some of the most often asked questions regarding purchasing Instagram followers to get you started.

Is it a good idea to buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers isn't strictly "safe," but there is one exception. Yes, by breaking Instagram's terms of service and manipulating the system, you are putting your account at risk. Not to mention the fact that the vast majority of your new followers will be bots or fake accounts who will unfollow you in a matter of weeks.

Purchasing Instagram followers, on the other hand, has a positive aspect.

It jump-starts the growth of your followers base. If you're new on Instagram, it can be difficult to establish credibility if you don't have any followers.

By purchasing followers, even if they are bots, you build Klout with other potential accounts, increasing the likelihood that real people will follow you as well.

The goal is to avoid going overboard and buying an excessive number of followers. If you just have a few posts yet hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, it will raise red flags for both Instagram and other potential followers. It will appear as if your account is fake.

On the other hand, if you purchase Instagram followers in modest increments again and over, your follower increase will appear natural — it will just happen much faster! Which website is the most effective for purchasing Instagram followers? If you're one of the numerous Instagram users, influencers, or celebrities that are eager to purchase Instagram followers to jumpstart your growth, be sure to follow these best practices:

  • It has a safe website with an SSL certificate and trustworthy payment methods.
  • It drip-feeds Instagram followers to give the impression that they are real.
  • It contains genuine customer feedback and testimonials.
  • It comes with a follower guarantee, which ensures that you will not lose followers over time.
  • Its customer service crew is quick to respond, competent, and helpful.

The best 10 sites for buying Instagram followers are shown below, based on those criteria:

1. SociaViral

Buy instagram Followers

If you want to buy real Instagram followers, SociaViral is an excellent place to start.

Their drop protection service is remarkable since it ensures that you will be refilled if your paid followers drop. As a result, you can be confident that your money will not be wasted with them. They also have a variety of fantastic plans to pick from, as well as secure payment gateways that protect your privacy.

They also never ask for your password or other sensitive information, making it an excellent option for many people. Over 1 million Instagram users trust them, which speaks volumes about the excellent and trustworthy services they provide.

Using this site is absolutely risk-free; your accounts are never jeopardized. They are quite confident in their client retention rate, so anyone who wants to try out their services for a short period of time may do so with confidence, knowing that once they see the results that SociaViral provides, they will not be looking for other solutions.

The company has also expanded its services to include Pinterest, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Ticktok, and other social media platforms. Depending on the quantity of your order, delivery can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Try SociaViral

2. Review (May 2021): Top Features & Pricing - begindot

You may buy Instagram followers from in packages of 100, 500, or 1,000 followers, or at a bespoke fee. This service appeals to me because it allows you to start small by purchasing a few hundred followers and gradually boost your rate of development.

Everything appears to be more natural as a result of it.

All you have to do to purchase Instagram followers from is select a package, input your Instagram account name, and choose a payment method.


3. Growthoid

Growthoid Review - A New Service for 2021 - TutorialChip

Growthoid is a completely managed growth service that helps you expand your Instagram following by acquiring genuine, targeted followers. It's simple to get started, and the greatest part is that they guarantee you won't receive any bot followers.

They employ organic tactics to assist you to expand your reach, which is the greatest option if you want to gain genuine, long-term followers.

Growthoid is a great place to start if you want to grow your Instagram account quickly.

Try Growthoid.

4. Social-Viral

Social-Viral Review: Instagram & Twitter Marketing Tool In 2021 has a competitor in the form of Social-Viral. Real Instagram followers can be purchased in packages ranging from 50 to 5,000 followers.

If you're not sure about Social-Viral, check out their customer testimonials or contact their team for answers to any questions you have. They don't require your account password, can deliver followers quickly, and have 24/7 customer support.

On Social-Viral, you can buy Instagram followers.

Try Social-Viral

5. Kicksta

Kicksta is the tool to automate and grow your Instagram account

While Kicksta isn't a site for buying Instagram followers, it can help you expand your following quickly through organic means like liking and commenting.

Kicksta's growth methods are simple and organic. Simply define your ideal follower, and Kicksta will locate and engage with users who meet your criteria.

Here's where you can try Kicksta.

Try Kicksta here.

6. Ektora

Ektora Review (2021) - Does It Work? *Read First*

Ektora is a service that is similar to Kicksta. You won't be able to "purchase" Instagram followers here, but automatic account activity will help you expand your following.

It comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee and strictly adheres to Instagram's activity restrictions. Advanced targeting, reporting, and timely support are also included.

Here's where you can find Ektora.

Try Ektora Here.

7. Hashtagsforlikes

Hashtagsforlikes - Best Instagram tools

Using trending hashtags, in addition to buying Instagram followers, liking, and commenting on photos, can spark you to grow quickly on this social site.

Hashtagsforlikes finds trending hashtags based on a search of your choosing, recommends hashtags, and provides statistics and data.

Here's where you can find HashtagsforLikes.

Try Hashtagsforlikes here.

8. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is a similar service to that allows you to buy Instagram followers right away.

This platform is unique in that it provides free followers and likes to new users as a method of demonstrating how the service operates.
They also provide monthly membership services, where you can gain anything between 15 and 60 new followers per day.

Here's where you can find Mr. Insta.

Try Mr. Insta Here.

9. Trollishly

Trollishly offers five different packages for purchasing Instagram followers instantly. You can gain anything from 100 to 10,000+ followers in a matter of minutes, depending on your demands.

This service also has packages for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and even some free options to get you started.

Try Trollishly here.

10. YouMeViral

I wouldn't advocate using YouMeViral unless you already have a large following and are looking to expand it.

They offer packages ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 Instagram followers. Obviously, buying this many followers would be insane if you were just starting out.

Their service is likewise reasonably priced, which gives me the idea that the followers' quality may below.

Here's a link to YouMeViral.

11. Social Fried

The Best Sites To Buy TikTok Followers -

On their website, Social Fried offers a one-of-a-kind user experience where you may purchase a variety of different bundles. It works more like a marketplace or eCommerce website – rather than having three or four plans available, you can browse through and purchase what best suits your needs. You can receive IGTV views, comments, likes, and a variety of other services in addition to Instagram followers.

Check out Social Fried Here.

How can I get real Instagram followers? If you want to buy authentic (actual) Instagram followers, make sure the service you use adheres to the best standards I stated previously. Here's a refresher on those hints:

  • SSL-secured website
  • Drip-feeds the followers
  • Actual customer feedback
  • Follower assurance
  • Support staff that are quick to respond

You should also strive to manage an active Instagram account that creates high-quality, diverse material, posts frequently and interacts with followers, and focuses on brand growth. Buying Instagram followers from a service like in conjunction with organically increasing your account through best-practice marketing will yield the best results.

How much does it cost to acquire Instagram followers? Purchasing Instagram followers is quite inexpensive these days, with rates ranging from $2 for 100 followers to $950 for 100,000 followers, or a fully managed service such as Kicksta, which has a monthly charge starting at $49.

If you're serious about building a long-term brand on Instagram, I recommend the following:

  • Hire a social media assistant on Fiverr to engage and post on the platform organically.
  • Invest in a limited number of monthly followers from a provider like
  • For continuing and constant interaction, use an Instagram growth solution like Kicksta.
  • Using a service like Hashtagsforlikes, you may take advantage of hashtag trends and unique hashtags.

This strategy may allow you to gain tremendous influence in a short period of time.

Buy Instagram followers to boost your growth.

Yes, you should be asking, "Is it safe to purchase Instagram followers?" If you weren't, I'm confident your account would be jeopardized.

However, if you proceed with caution by purchasing modest numbers of followers and acting like a real person on the platform — enjoying, sharing, commenting, and providing fantastic material. Buying Instagram followers, on the other hand, can be a terrific method to hasten your path to actual popularity.