10 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

10 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing sites on the internet. With so many videos, people often want to know how they can get more views and subscribers. The good news is that there are a lot of ways you can do this without having to spend money! In this post, we will go over 10 different strategies that have been proven to help increase your views on YouTube.

How to get more views on YouTube?

- Promote your videos across multiple platforms. This includes posting links in forums, embedding the video into other websites, and submitting it to article directories.

- Embed relevant keywords within your description of the video so that search engines can find it when people are searching for related material.

- Submit your videos to popular video sharing sites such as Daily Motion, Blip TV and Metacafe. This is a great way to get more views because the competing videos are much less than YouTube's.

- Link back from other websites you own so that people can easily find your latest content on YouTube when they visit these other sites.

- Comment on other videos that are similar to yours and add a link back to your channel so that viewers can easily find you.

- Join YouTube communities such as the official YouTube blog or one of its many fan pages where you can promote yourself, network with others and get more views for free! YouTubers often give each other support by sharing their videos and subscribing to the channels they like.

- Make sure your video is listed for all popular mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. This will allow more people across different platforms to watch it.

- Promote yourself on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter so that you can get more views and gain new subscribers.

- Hire a virtual assistant to help you promote your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc as well as build backlinks for better SEO rankings.

Get more views with these strategies! Now that you know how to get more views on your YouTube channel, go ahead and give some of them a shot